Friday, January 27, 2017

Stuffies and Jammies

The children have been working on filling a jar with cubes for god behavior. When the jar is full they choose a reward for their behavior. This year the front runners were being kitties and stuffies and jammies. These choices beat out things like a movie and popcorn and a party with our buddies. As you know the final choice was stufies and jammies. See the very cute pictures attached.

We introduced the idea of equations as part of making a math book. Children made pages of tiles for the numbers 5-10 and we have just begun to ask them how they see groups of tiles. In the number six, some might see 1+3+2 = 6, others might see 3+3 = 6 and someone else might see 4+2 = 6. We will wrap this up soon and come back to it later. We continue to tell story problems and ask children to repeat the story we told, visualize it and act it out. W are more interested in laying the groundwork now than in solving the problem. We begin a unit on 3D geometry next week.

We are focused on sight words in language arts. We call them snap words and hope to learn to say them in a snap. We have been playing lotto games, car races and practice cheering the words as well as writing them.We are developing our picture power in ou reading, our snap word power and our sound power (does the word we are reading sound the same at the beginning as the word we see on the page).

We plan to begin a Mo Willems unit soon.

We have stopped doing yoga for now, as Grace can no longer meet with us during the time we had set aside. We'll let you know if we can find a new slot.

There is no school on Monday, March 13th for the kindergarten class only. This is the visit day for next year's class, so we ask the kindergartners to stay home. The following day, March 14th is a field trip to the Fine Arts Center to see Frog and Toad. This will be for K, 1 and 2. We haven't told the kids yet.

Children continue to enjoy doing DreamBox and like to play hide-and-seek. They seem to have dropped the idea of a robot play.

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