Thursday, April 25, 2013

From Geometry to Numbers in the Teens

We finished a geometry unit before the spring break. You will see children matching the faces on different shaped blocks, building three-dimensional shapes with playdough, building an equivalent block with smaller blocks and copying structures made out of cubes.

When we returned we began a unit in which we are working with larger numbers. Children measured each other with cubes, with some going as high as 72 cubes. We have played Collect 15 and Collect 20, asking children to add each new number (after rolling a die with 1, 2 or 3 on it), while keeping track of their total until they get to 20. We are examining how people count a count of 21 objects and how they record their count, comparing different strategies on counting. When we copy a tile structure on our board, we talk about ways of grouping the tiles to create different combinations that equal the same number. Children are ready for so many more challenges this time of year. It's an exciting time in kindergarten!

The Best Field Trip of the Year!!

As always the trip to the Quabbin to stock trout is a highlight of the year. Clif Read, a parent of some Shutesbury Alumni, organizes this field trip each year. Many parents participate, helping children to empty buckets of fish into the water. The finale is the "fish cannon" that shoots the remaining fish into the water. As usual, birds of prey are waiting to scoop up whatever they can.

There were some problems with the pictures, but many of them are in the next post.

Stocking Trout

Additional Activities

Some of the other things we have been doing recently include having a pajama day in kindergarten. Here are some shots of children reading to their stuffed animals. A great idea at home too! Don't forget reading to cats, dogs or fish either. We love reading in any form. We put away our Fix-It shop and opened a woodworking area. So far we have been learning to use a saw, and will begin using a hammer next week. As you can see the structures that children are building in blocks are getting much more elaborate. Michele is starting a handwriting group in our classroom on Thursdays to give children some extra practice.

We have some pictures of read, write or draw, an activity that replaces our second recess in the winter weather. We are ecstatic to be going outdoors twice a day again!

Morning Meeting

Each morning we have a meeting and greet each child by name. Here are a few shots of popular greetings. Two children are shaking ankles and greeting each other and the children are making a spider web as they they roll a ball of yarn to the child they are greeting.

Exciting Specials

We're including some photos from physical education. We had a unit on gymnastics a month ago. In music we were playing drums and xylophones earlier this week. Today in art we were making clay fish, as a follow up to our field trip to the Quabbin.