Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our Bodies at Assembly

We did a great job presenting a lot of information about our bodies at assembly. We had a slide show with each child's report on one system in the body. We sang songs and acted out alongside a video about what blood does as it circulates through the body. And of course we showed a couple of the bodies we had made with all the internal organs. The kids worked hard and put together a good show.

Our Data Unit

We are gathering data in math now. We are sorting data into a variety of different categories. We made self-portraits to sort, talked about our favorite lunch foods and sorted then into multiple categories and developed surveys this week. We've been interviewing each other with questions about preferences in foods, sports and animals.

More Eric Carle

We have been reading more Eric Carle stories and basing projects on them. We made aprons after learning about the bricklayers apron that Eric Carle had as a child. We read Walter the Baker and made pretzels that the sun would shine through three times in one day. We made wonderful end paper for our books with BZ, and assembled them this week.

The Chicks! The Chicks!

We tended our eggs very carefully and hatched 8 chicks. Once they arrived, we had a "mother hen" by their cage, tending them almost around the clock. We thought she might sneak one home in her pocket. We learned about the different parts of an egg and every time we crack an egg now someone says "look, the germinal disc!" The weather was warm enough that we took then outside one day. BZ worked with the children on how to draw chicks. Take a look at the bulletin board in our hallway.

Field Day

We had great weather for field day. Cooler temperatures made being outside a lot pleasanter. The balance of activities worked really well for the kindergartners. We had soccer, water relays, the parachute, bocci, treasure hunt, scavenger hunt, volleyball, bubbles, potato sack races, bike riding, and toss the ball games. To name a few!