Thursday, November 21, 2013

Language Arts

We've been doing lots of writing in our School Helper books. We interview people in the school about their job and then write something we learned about them. We have begun Writer's Workshop with the children and they are working in their writer's folder several times a week.

We continue to practice learning sounds in Jolly Phonics. We also play games sounding out words. We continue to work in predictable stories at a beginning level, and the kids are doing great!

We are writing a class book about things we are grateful for. We read a Native American Thanksgiving Address about appreciation for all the things on Earth that support the people. We are also reading
I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie and will act the story out with a paper version of the story elements that the children colored.

The only photo we have is of the children learning some Jolly Phonics games on the Smart Board.


We have been working with comparing towers of different lengths and placing them in order from smallest to largest. We then proceeded to do this with the children's names, comparing the length of three or four names and recording them in our math books.

We also played a very popular game of "What's Missing?" The child removes an object from a tray and ask her/his partner to figure out what it was.

We have recently moved to a unit on patterns. The children began by making towers and sorting them into patterns and not patterns. We then discussed the difference between the two types of towers. Today they articulated that the pattern is the one that does the same thing over and over again. They figured that out really quickly. Now we will spend weeks refining this idea and testing it out in all its permutations.

Recent Happenings

Technology is slow at school today. I hope this can be posted.

The children made BZ some tissue paper flowers for the farewell to BZ assembly.

Lauren made pear sauce with the children. A big thank you to April Woodard-McNiff for the donation of home grown, organic fruit!

And of course the Halloween Parade was awesome. Thank you to the parents who helped us get the kids into their costumes.