Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fun in the Snow and Ice

Kindergartners have been tracking weather (we added temperature to our weather data) and have been looking at states of matter; liquid and frozen. This has come together happily in ice sculptures. We put containers of colored water in the court yard. When they froze we invited our buddies to help us use them as building blocks in making ice sculptures. That afternoon they started melting and the next day they were covered with snow in our first big storm. They remain covered, but eventually will emerge from the snow and be visible again. Lots of opportunities to see them frozen and melted!

We began a Mo Willems unit and have been reading Knuffle Bunny books. Children are writing opinion pieces on their favorite KB book and stating reasons why they like it. We would appreciate any Mo Willems books you would like to loan us for this study, as we can always use more. If you send some in make sure your child's name in is them.

We made delicious (and healthy) heart shaped chocolates for Valentine's Day. It's the recipe we sent home earlier, using raw cacao powder, coco butter and raw palm sugar. We distributed Valentine's and had a party on Tuesday.

In math we are studying 3-dimensional shapes. We've gone on shape hunts, learned to describe them talking about sides and vertices, made copies of 3-D cube structures (much harder than it sounds) and made a copy of a block by building it with smaller blocks. We have also experimented with creating "group worthy" tasks during our math time. These are activities that require a group of children to work together to figure out the answer. One example was the copying cubes activity. One child held the sculpture and gave the other two children directions on how to build it. They shared feedback with each other during the process, like how many cubes to use, where to place them, whether it looked similar to the model etc. They did quite well.