Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day

We were busy making valentines over the past week and had lots of fun sharing cards and treats on Tuesday. A big thanks to Ella's family for sending in cupcakes for the class.

Free Choice Activities

A few photos of block building, lincoln logs and beading with very small seed beads.

Beginning Our Bodies

We have started working on our bodies by tracing our heads. Our buddies helped us add our brains. We have also read about our brains and nervous system and each child has started making a book about our bodies. We will learn about internal systems in our bodies, as we construct a model, using a paper bag to hold our organs.

Chicken Soup with Rice

We made chicken and veggie soup with rice recently and read the Maurice Sendak poem called Chicken Soup with Rice. The kids were very enthused and enjoyed their soup.

The Solar System

We have put our planets up in the book area and created some bulletin boards with our stories about aliens. We created a picture of our alien and then wrote a description to go with the picture.


We are playing games and practicing skills in counting and adding. Some of the math games this month are Collect 10 Together, How Many in Total, Roll and Record 2 (the total on two dice), Racing Bears (strategies for getting to 10), One More, One Fewer (adding and subtracting one from a group), Double Compare (comparing two cards to two other cards and deciding which is more), Build It, Change It (changing the number of pennies on your frame from one total to another), Quick Images (reproducing what you see on a ten frame), Six Tiles with Quick Images, Toss the Chips (recording how many red and yellow chips you have tossed) and recording combinations of red and yellow chips that add up to six.

Language Arts

We are finishing up the 42 sounds we have learned in Jolly Phonics and are finishing the capital letters in Handwriting without Tears. We will move on to lower case letters after the break and will continue practicing the sounds we have learned in Jolly Phonics. We have also been working with the beginning sounds in words; doing letter sorts, stamping booklets of matching beginning sounds, matching pictures of words that start with the same sound and filling in the beginning letter on pictures and words. We continue to work in small groups on reading skills and on writing.