Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eric Carle

We are writing stories, creating Brown Bears, and writing recipes for pancakes. We have written our own version of On Monday. BZ started working on end paper for their stories, as Eric Carle is known for designing marvelous end paper. We watched an Eric Carle video in which he talked about how he gets his ideas, while the children watch him create end paper designs and make the collages that are in The Hungry Caterpillar. Our buddies read Pancakes, Pancakes to us and helped us write about the beginning, middle and end of the story. Each kindergartner then wrote their own recipe for pancakes.

Fields of Flowers

We have begun nature journals in kindergarten. We were so excited to get outside and see flowers after the long winter. Here we are taking a close up look at bluets. We sketch them in the field, and draw them in our journals back in the classroom. We hope to add some salamanders soon. Sara brought a salamander to school recently which intrigued everyone.

Our Body Pictures

The Morris Dancers

A New Visitor

We finally were successful in loading a picture! Luna, Kaileann's cat has been a popular addition to our playground adventures. We've been playing with her and photographing her this week.

Morris Dancing

Every year the Morris Dancers visit our school on or around May 1st. This year there were many school alumnae dancing as well as some of our current students. We learned The Shepherd's Hay and were charmed/scared by the hobby horse.

Pictures later we hope!

We're Done!

We've been working with our buddies since February and were delighted to finish our bodies recently. We added our hearts and circulation system in April. Glenn, a former parent visited our classroom and talked to us about our hearts. We saw a CD of an actual heart beating. How exciting! We also listened to our hearts beating while we were sitting still and after we did 20 jumping jacks. What a difference!

We have written reports about different systems in our bodies. During the past week each child has recorded his/her work into a computer presentation which will be shared at assembly on Friday, May 27th.

Unfortunately every time I add a picture to the blog this time, only script comes up. We hope to add pictures later.