Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Past Two Months

April 2017

In math we have begun a unit on data. We have made graphs using objects, the pattern blocks, and learning to put them in order from the group with the smallest amount to the group with the largest amount. We have practiced categorizing children on the basis of what they are wearing and we started to categorize our favorite foods today.

We are continuing reading and writing. We have worked in our books that we are making about our bodies. And we have learned about more reading “superpowers”. We use more of the sounds in the words we read to make sense out of what we see in the text and the picture. We are putting our paper bag bodies together and have added about half the systems.

We went to the Quabbin yesterday and stocked rainbow trout. We released 800 trout into the water and then visited the Hatchery to see the eggs, fry, swim-ups and minnows, all different phases of the trout’s life cycle. We fed the trout in tanks and then came home, quite tired from a long day in the sun. A big thanks to Clif Read for organizing this trip each year!!

May 2017

Kindergarten is finishing up their project about the human body, having constructed their bodies and written their book. They are beginning work on their presentations for assembly with the awesome help of Ms. Lobenstine and Ms. Lee.

We are carefully tending our eggs, hoping for a hatch next week.

Everyone is making great progress in their reading. This week we made up play dates with our books. Children thought of a game to play that involved reading their book to a group of children. Things like cover the word and have their group guess what the word was, predict what would happen next in the the story or p[lay teacher and read the book to their group.

We have been working on collecting data and making sense of it in math. Yesterday we correlated all the data on weather we have been collecting for the entire year. We still are working on it. There's lots of data.

We had a fire engine visit as part of the SAFE program in Amherst. Children practiced STOP! DROP! and ROLL! They watched Ms. Ingram dress up in a fire fighter's suit and went on the fire engine. They were totally thrilled!