Monday, June 17, 2013

Eric Carle Activities

We have been making lots of connections to Eric Carle books in our study of his work. Children brought home their Today Is Monday books a few weeks ago. We read My Apron and had each child design and color an apron to bring home. We read Walter the Baker, then made pretzels. We set up lots of seed experiments to test out different growing conditions after reading The Tiny Seed. One child is writing about the results of some of our seed experiments. Our final project was to write our own Eric Carle type story, called The Lazy Little Caterpillar, in which the caterpillar finds a good reason to not be so lazy anymore. We will put the book in our classroom library. perhaps you can check it out next year. Some of the illustrations are gorgeous!

Presenting Our Bodies

After researching different systems in our bodies the children created a presentation that was recorded into a computer program. We showed the program at assembly and the kids did a fine job. There are also some pictures of children jumping on a trampoline and listening to the effect this has on their heart rate.

Chick Hatch

We had a less than successful chick hatch this year. Out of three dozen eggs there were only six chicks that survived. Nonetheless those six chicks were very appreciated. We also "dissected" an egg from the grocery store to look at the parts of an egg. Some of the highlights were the air sac, the chaleze, the germinal disc and of course the yolk and the two parts of the white. we also looked at one of the eggs that did not hatch and found that it had stopped developing around day 12 of the 21 day incubation period. We also had a visit from some ducklings that April brought in for the children to see.