Thursday, May 23, 2013

May Day and Mother's Day

We had our traditional Morris Dancers visiting on May 1st. The entire school turned out for this and had a great time dancing the Shepherd's Hay. The children made May Day baskets and filled them with flowers to take home to their families. They also made some paper flowers.

Each child cast their hand in plaster and painted them to take home for Mother's Day. They made cards as well.

Eric Carle Study

We began our Eric Carle study in late April. We made Brown Bear collages that are on a bulletin board in the classroom. Children made their own On Monday books based on Eric Carle's story. They wrote a story about what they ate each day of the week and made collages for the cover of their books. BZ made end paper with the children that they used in their books. They used the leftover pieces to make additional collages. Their work is delightful!!. We'll put some of these up on a bulletin board as well. One of the most popular Eric Carle activities is Pancakes, Pancakes. We start by reading his story detailing the grinding of the wheat, the milking of the cow and the churning of the butter. The children each wrote their own version of how to make pancakes. We then made pancakes and the kids loved them. Some have asked can we do it again. We also watched a video about Eric Carle, a Picture Writer.