Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year

We had a very busy week leading up to the break, getting gifts ready to send home, making perler bead frames and cards for our buddies and making gift wrap. We hope you enjoyed your ball.

We have introduced kindergarten to DreamBox, an on-line math program. Everyone will have set up their account by the end of the day and a letter will come home on Friday telling you how you can access it at home, if you choose. We realize not everyone has a fast internet connection at home. I will send you their password (a picture) when the letter comes home and will check with Polly to see that the home part of the program is set up later in the week.

In reading we will begin a unit called Super Powers, calling children to use their Super Power of reading to read charts, labels. signs and books!

We are counting, adding and playing games such as Collect 15, One More or One Less and acting out story problems in math.

We have been collecting data on weather for several months and will add information on temperature to this in the new year. We will look at freezing and thawing; liquid and solid states of water as we track the temperature.

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